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Welcome to our menu where we would really like to welcome you with orgeat, sangria, or raki, all of which are also the drinks we suggest as reception drinks for the upcoming event you are planning. Pick whatever you like after looking at this page, but do not hesitate to ask us anything else that you may require. Grab paper and pencil and start designing the menu of the "celebration" you have already started organizing.

Fresh Salads

All our salads are cut daily, from domestic fresh vegetables, washed according to the HACCP safety system, to ensure hygiene. Even the washing water passes through a special filter to ensure that the mysterious and eloquent sauces of our chef will directly talk to your taste safely.

  • Village rusks with tomatoes & olive oil

  • Green salad mixed with sun-dried tomatoes & balsamic vinegar

  • Caesar's salad

  • Chef's

Main Dishes

Meat, poultry and all the ingredients we use in our kitchen have passed the strictest quality controls, come from the best in their class and ensure that the food you choose will not just look great while hiding some surprises. In MENU&GEFSI, we do not sacrifice quality for profit, by investing in a sincere service orientation with vision.


  • Greek traditional grilled pig

  • Baked lamb with lemon

  • Grilled beef tenderloin

  • Beef & tomato casserole

  • Barbecued pork steak

  • Grilled chicken fillets

  • Chicken nuggets with pepper & mushroom coating

☛Vegetarians' requests are also welcome

Unquestioningly, we can support any vegetarian option. Just contact us to design the menu of any special dishes that you would like to accompany the general plan of your choice.


Main Courses
(in case you wish to have "main" and "side" dishes)


  • Flogeres (Greek version of spring rolls)

  • Souffle


Cheese Plates
Accompanied with breadsticks. You can choose all/or any of them:


  • Feta (Greek cheese)

  • Sfela (local cheese) 

  • Gruyere

  • Gouda

  • Edam

  • Philadelphia




  • Roast potatoes with lemon 

  • Risotto (rice cooked in broth)

  • Aubergine baked with four cheeses

  • Aubergine baked with four cheeses, within a pie full of wild greens & spicy flavouring 


Wine Collection
  • Μenu&Gefsi House Wine (white)

  • Μenu&Gefsi House Wine (red)

  • Μenu&Gefsi House Wine (rose)

  • Beaulieu Vineyards U.S.A. (pre-order)

  • Semeli Madinia Nasiakos

  • Naousa Boutari

Or ask us for any bottle/s you wish and they will be waiting for you at the right temperature on your table



Beers - Beverages
  • Heineken

  • Coca Cola

or whatever you like!